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     Once upon a time when the Boss family was living in a converted school bus home in Bakersfield, California, Jeremy started building for a friend, a special project: a secret access bookshelf door.  With this project a new opportunity presented itself because the owner of an Escape Room across the street came over to observe and encourage Jeremy’s work!  He then  introduced us to the whole new entertainment world of immersive live-action games.

     This got our wheels turning as we started dreaming of beginning our own family small business.  Jeremy came from a family who loves bowling, volleyball, pool playing, pranking, working hard, eating well and enjoying life to the fullest!  And Bekah’s family loves card games, Bible study, live music, family road trips, puns, star trek, fairy tales, chips and salsa plus celebrating life everyday.  Basically both of our families really value spending quality time together!  This Escape Room business felt like such a real life legacy of what our families of origin had already given to us!

      One day as we were staying with my sister in Minnesota we started making scratch notes on napkins and realizing that this could be a real way to make an income for our family- this didn't just have to be a dream.  It would take perseverance and patience but since we just gave birth to our 3rd kid, we had been actively learning a lot of those two characteristics from simply being parents.  Since our house was mobile, all we had to do was settle in on the best place to start!

     We soon set out to Oceanside, California where Jeremy’s brother was living and his parents were moving to, and we began our first adventure of owning our very own Escape Room: Boss-Play!  In 2017 we had our Grand Opening with our first ever personally designed game: Prohibition Ransom.  The next year in 2018 we opened The Chocolate Factory and in 2019 we opened up Neutrino42.  All these games were cranked out just in time for the 2020 lockdowns.  Oh my!  And then began our biggest test of all, starting over without employees, just us again and working one game at a time throughout our normally busiest time of work during the summer.  

     By God’s grace we managed to stay open and stay afloat even in the midst of pandemic craziness.  We have so many friends to thank for this too!  Without our amazing community there is no way we would have made it this far, yet, here we are.

Again, we were blessed with an opportunity in 2021 to build a replica of our Chocolate Factory game in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  What a special time!  Our three kids went with us as we packed up our toy hauler with all the props and proceeded to live tiny and build, build, build for 6 weeks straight.  We were exhausted and so grateful too!

     In 2022 we almost lost our passion for Escape Rooms as we cut ties with a 3 year partner and friend.  Multiple amazing Game Master's resigned and moved last year as inflation increased throughout the U.S. and gas prices going wild too- yikes!  Yet despite all these managerial changes, here we are still, doing our best to rebuild with some wonderful new Boss-Play family during this next season of learning and growth!

     Our vision remains, as we desire to work as a family to make family friendly gaming experiences!  And, since you are reading this too, YOU are also part of this ongoing story!  Thank you for being with Boss-Play on our journey!  We hope you will grow in your desire to love and to serve your family and your community as you partner with us in making joyful memories through Escape Games, creative endeavors, play times and beyond!!!

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